1996-1999   University of Berne
Ph.D. thesis

PhD thesis. Civenni G., Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored proteins and their hydrolysis by GPI-specific phospholipases D. University of Berne (Switzerland) March 25th, 1999.

1992-1996   Universities of Milan and Copenhagen
Specialization Pharmacology

Master thesis. Civenni G., Modulation of expression of the astroglial glutammate transporter GLAST1 by excitatory aminoacid agonists and cyclic AMP. University of Milan (Italy) March 11th, 1997.

1987-1992   University of Pavia

Laureate in Biology

Tesi di Laurea. Civenni G., Action of excitatory aminoacids on frog vestibular receptors. University of Pavia (Italy) March 9th, 1992.

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